Printing Overview

Due to the large number of printers and printing environments on campus, Swarthmore has four separate print servers.

Faculty and Staff Printing

Swarthmore has a contract with Canon for departmental printing.    Our Canon printers are on a dedicated print server, \\swat-print.   For instructions on connecting to a Canon printer, please use the instructions on this webpage:

Instructions for Canon printers

Our legacy non-Canon printers are also hosted on the \\swat-print server.   Instructions for all other departmental printers can be found on this webpage:

Instructions for non-Canon printers

Student Printing

Printers are available in public computing areas and in the dorms for student use. There is no charge for printing but we ask students to refrain from printing multiple copies or wasting paper. Large print jobs for student organizations should be referred to Office Services.   Public Area printers are available on the \\restech server.

Instructions for Student Printers

Media Center Printing

Color and Poster printing is available in the media center.   The media center printers are located on the \\acadprint server.

Instructions for Poster Printing