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  • Practical Wisdom

    Professors Schwartz and Sharpe Co-Author Practical Wisdom

    by Maki Somosot '12 | Posted on Thursday January 27, 2011

    Swarthmore Professors Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sharpe recently co-authored Practical Wisdom: The Right Way to Do the Right Thing which has attracted much attention, notably in The New York Times, TED Talks, and numerous radio talk shows across the country, including KQED's Forum and Wisconsin Public Radio's Here on Earth. (.)

  • Battle Hymn

    Listen: Political Scientist Dominic Tierney Calls "Battle Hymn of the Republic" Country's Second Anthem

    Posted on Friday November 19, 2010

    In a recent conversation on NPR's All Things Considered, political scientist Dominic Tierney discusses the song's significance and longevity. "It was about the Union cause," he says. "But it was also about much more deeper and profound themes than that." (.)

  • Benjamin Berger

    Behind the Scenes in the Dominican Republic

    Posted on Friday November 19, 2010

    Watch: Zein Nakhoda '12 is one of more than a dozen students who traveled throughout the Dominican Republic for a documentary film class last spring. Here, a glimpse of the trip and the experiences they shared. (.)

  • Cynthia Halpern

    Stayed on Freedom

    Posted on Friday November 19, 2010

    Watch: Assistant Professor of Black Studies and Educational Studies Cheryl Jones-Walker (left) joins students she helped lead to the 50th anniversary of the founding of SNCC, the pioneering civil rights organization, in reflecting on the experience.

  • Raymond F. Hopkins

    Workshops for Peace

    Posted on Friday November 19, 2010

    Deivid Rojas '11 is one of four students who launched a program this summer to address issues faced by children displaced by Colombia's civil war.

  • Raymond F. Hopkins

    On Business, Politics, and Public Policy

    by David Cohen '77

    Watch Comcast Corp. executive David Cohen '77 give this year's McCabe Lecture in which he emphasizes the skills needed for effective urban public policy.

  • Raymond F. Hopkins

    On Presidential Politics

    by Michael Dukakis '55

    Watch Michael Dukakis '55 speak on Constitution Day about this year's historic presidential campaign and what is at stake.

  • Anne Kolker '08

    Tales from the Campaign Trail

    Posted on Friday November 19, 2010

    Anne Kolker '08 is one of several Swatties who hit the campaign trail over winter break - and blogged about it.

  • Janice Gallagher '99

    Coming Full Circle

    by Janice Gallagher '99

    Janice describes how one of her Swarthmore classes ultimately led to her decision to work in Colombia as a human rights observer.

  • James Kurth

    America's Democratization Projects Abroad

    by James Kurth, professor of political science

    A defense policy expert reviews successes and failures since the Wilson administration in The American Spectator.

  • Dominic Tierneys

    The Wars of Perception

    by Dominic Tierney, asst. professor of political science

    A political scientist says in a New York Times op-ed that what happened in the Tet Offensive and Somalia may hold important lessons for Iraq.

  • Keith Reeves '88

    Voting Hopes or Fears?

    by Keith Reeves '88, asso. professor of political science

    A political scientist examines racial politics and the 2006 election.

  • Khadijah White '04

    Democracy in the Deep South

    by Khadijah White '04

    This NOW staffer and former social justice major describes her travels in Georgia to learn how state laws may keep voters from the polls on Nov. 7.

  • Richard Valelly '75

    Power Reconsidered

    by Richard Valelly '75, professor of political science

    This cover story from The Chronicle Review examines how political scientists study power.

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