Reporting Concerns about Inappropriate Activities

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Swarthmore strives for an ethical and lawful environment. Ethical behavior and individual responsibility and integrity are strongly held values. We expect all members of the community to behave responsibly.

If you encounter or become aware of behavior that is inappropriate or unethical, you are expected to alert any of the following authorities: Human Resources, your supervisor, any officer of the College, any member of the Audit Subcommittee of the Finance Committee of the Board of Managers. You can contact the Audit Committee directly by e-mail at If you are unsure how to contact any of these authorities, you can contact the Human Resources office or the Office of the President for assistance.

Retaliation is prohibited against a staff member who makes a good faith effort to appropriately disclose perceived wrongdoing. The College makes every effort to redress such situations. While "whistle blowing" should not be an outlet for vindictive or malicious charges that have no basis in fact, we always want to know if a staff member feels he/she is being subjected to unethical, illegal, or unsafe activities or becomes aware of such activities going on at the College.

Inappropriate activity can range from being asked to engage in a clearly illegal or unethical activity, such as falsifying research data or the misuse of an employee's position, such as misdirecting College funds, to being asked to do something that is clearly not position related (such as babysitting your supervisor's children on College time).

Contact the Human Resources office if you believe you are being subjected to inappropriate demands or conditions of employment. You have access to the grievance process for such concerns.