Housing Eligibility

Eligibility for the housing lottery/block housing is determined by:

  1. Number of projected/completed credits (class year = number you should have completed +/- 2 credits...if you are more than 2 credits behind your official class year, contact Rachel Head)
  2. $0.00 balance on your student account (or, a negative balance, indicating that you have a credit).  If you have questions about student accounts, please contact Linda Weindel
  3. Scheduled to be 'at Swarthmore' for the following term. Students who expect to be abroad for the Fall 2014 are not eligible for the regular housing lottery (you can't pick duplicate housing).
  4. No outstanding library fines.  Please contact McCabe Library if you have an outstanding balance
  5. No outstanding parking tickets. Please contact Mary Lou Lawless @ Public Safety if you have an outstanding balance
  6. RISING SOPHOMORES (Class of 2017) must have completed at least 1 full term at Swarthmore (with passing grades)
  7. RISING JUNIORS (Class of 2016) must have completed all 4 PE credits, the swim test & must have submitted their SOPHOMORE PLAN
  8. RISING SENIORS (Class of 2015) must be on-track to graduate in order to use their 'senior number'