Health Care

The Student Health Service (SHS) offers acute and chronic health care services. Preventive health services are also offered with a focus on issues that impact college students. Physicians and nurse practitioners are available by appointment for assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and referrals as needed.

For appointments call 610-328-8058

Health care providers are available Monday through Friday 9-5 for scheduled appointments. A registered nurse is available 24 hours a day to speak with students regarding urgent matters after hours while school is in session. The SHS closes between 12-1p Monday-Friday but is available for emergencies. Students are welcome to call for an appointment with a nurse or come by the health center to schedule an appointment.

Walk-in service is provided by a registered nurse with varying wait times on off-peak hours for urgent matters. Services that require appointments include: lab work, STI screens, physician appointments, gynecologic services, vaccinations, referrals and travel consults.