Philly Shuttle

The Philly Shuttle is one of the best-kept secrets at Swarthmore, according to students who use the service. For those who plan ahead, the Philly Shuttle promises a free ride to a few specific destinations throughout they city, and it even runs later than the SEPTA R3 train. By reserving space in the van, students can secure transportation to and from Philadelphia for themselves and a few friends. The Philly Shuttle leaves from the Parrish Rose Garden circle at designated times on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Michelle Liu '11Michelle Liu '11
Charlotte, N.C.

"The Philly shuttle is very convenient. Anyone who comes to Swarthmore has to take advantage of it because it doesn’t cost anything and it will pick you up later than SEPTA. If you have plans for the weekend, you can usually book it a day or two in advance. I used it a lot freshman year because I had night outings on Fridays and Saturdays. If you ever miss the last SEPTA train, you can ask a friend to book you a spot instead of having to take a cab."

James Mao '12James Mao '12
Beijing, People's Republic of China

"I love the Philly shuttle! I also like how it is a little under the radar, so it's not always crowded."