Comprehensive Course Listing

The following courses and seminars are approved for Gender Sexuality Studies.
Courses with an * require that all papers and projects focus on GSST topics.

Course Number Course Name
ANTH 002D Culture and Gender
ANTH 002F Anthropology of Childhoold and Family
ANTH 007C Sociology Through African American Women's Writing
ANTH 020J Dance and Diaspora
ANTH 040J Social Movements in Latin America: Gender and Queer Perspectives
ANTH 049B Comparative Perspectives on the Body
ANTH 072C Memory, History, Nation *
Course Number Course Name
BIOL 024 Developmental Biology*
Course Number Course Name
DANC 025A Dance and Diaspora
DANC 036 Dancing Identities
DANC 038 Performing Ecstasy Dancing the Sacred
DANC 079 Dancing Desire in Bollywood Films
Course Number Course Name
ECON 073 Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Economics
Course Number Course Name
EDUC 045 Literacies and Social Identities*
EDUC 061 Gender and Education
Course Number Course Name
ENGL 009M Jane Austen, Cultural Critic [FYS]
ENGL 009P Women and Popular Culture
ENGL 009Y Interrogating Gender
ENGL 023 Renaissance Sexualities
ENGL 033 The Romantic Sublime
ENGL 036 The Age of Austen
ENGL 035CC Rise of the Novel
ENGL 048 Contemporary Women's Poetry
ENGL 071K Lesbian Novels Since World War II
ENGL 077 South Asians in Asian America
ENGL 082 Transnational Feminist theory
ENGL 090 Queer Media
ENGL 091 Feminist Film and Media Studies
ENGL 110 Romanticism
ENGL 112 Contemporary Women's Poetry
Film and Media Studies
Course Number Course Name
FMST 009 Women and Popular Culture
FMST 041 Fan Culture*
FMST 045 Feminist Film and Media Studies
FMST 046 Queer Media
FMST 054 Re-Envisioning Diasporas
FMST 081 German Cinema
Course Number Course Name
FREN 037 Littératures Francophones
FREN 056 Ecritures au feminine
FREN 057 Bande dessinée, nouvelle Manga et romans graphiques
FREN 076 Contemporary Arab Women Writers
FREN 109 Queering North African Subjectivities
FREN 111 Representations Post-coloniales
FREN 115 Paroles de femmes
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Course Number Course Name
GSST 001 Introduction to GSST
GSST 020 Theory and Methodology
GSST 030 Gender and Genre
GSST 091 Seminar in GSST
GSST 093 Directed Reading
German Studies
Course Number Course Name
GMST 052 The Gender of Modernity
GMST 108 Wien und Berlin
Course Number Course Name
HIST 001K Engendering Culture
HIST 001V Witches, Witchcraft, and Witch-Hunts
HIST 014 Friars, Heretics and Female Mystics: Religious Turmoil in the Middle Ages
HIST 016 Sex, Sin, and Kin in Early Europe
HIST 021 London Beyond Control
HIST 053 Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement
HiST 054 Women, Society, and Politics
HIST 055 Social Movements in the 20th Century
HIST 076 Women's Work in Premodern China
HIST 079 Women, Family, and the State in China
HIST 080 History of the Body
HIST 090Q The Queer Theory of Empire
HIST 131 Gender and Sexuality in America
HIST 145 Women and Gender in Chinese History
Latin American Studies
Course Number Course Name
LASC 040 Social Movements in Latin America: Gender & Queer Perspective
Course Number Course Name
LING 003 What "Gay" Sounds Like
Course Number Course Name
LITR 015R East European Prose in Translation
LITR 017R Love and Sex in Russian Literature
LITR 023J Anime: Gender and Culture
LITR 045G European Cinema
LITR 072F Scandalous Literatures
LITR 074S Queer Issues in Latin American Literature & Cinema
LITR 076AF Contemporary Arab Women Writers
LITR 076S Latino and Latin American Sexualities
Course Number Course Name
MUSI 008  Music and Gender in Fin-de-siecle
Peace and Conflict Studies
Course Number Course Name
 PEAC 043  Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change
Course Number Course Name
PHIL 045 Futures in Feminism
PHIL 061 Philosophy of Race and Gender
Course Number Course Name
PHYS 029 Seminar on Gender and (Physical) Science
Political Science
Course Number Course Name
POLS 013 Feminist Political Theory
POLS 014 Politics of Identity
POLS 031 Difference, Dominance, and the Struggle for Equality
POLS 032 Gender, Politics, and Policy in America
POLS 046 Lesbians and Gays in American Politics
Course Number Course Name
PSYC 048 Gender and Psychopathology
PSYC 055 Family Systems Theory and Psychological Change*
Course Number Course Name
RELG 003 The Bible: In the Beginning
RELG 007B Women and Religion
RELG 025 Black Women and Religion in the United States
RELG 032 Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology
RELG 053 Gender, Sexuality, and the Body in Islam
RELG 114 Love and Religion
RELG 128 Sex, Gender, and the Hebrew Bible
Course Number Course Name
RUSS 015 East European Prose in Translation [FYS]
RUSS 017 Love and Sex in Russian Literature [FYS]
RUSS 111 Tsvetaeva and Mayakovsky
RUSS 112 Akhmatova and Mandelstam
Sociology and Anthropology
Course Number Course Name
SOCI 007C Black Feminist Thought
SOAN 010J War, Sport, and the Masculine Identity
SOCI 022M Race, Gender and Environment
SOCI 079B Dancing Desire in Bollywood
Course Number Course Name
SPAN 066 Escritoras españolas
SPAN 070 Género y sexualidad en Latinoamérica
SPAN 072 Seducciones literarias - traiciones filmicas
SPAN 074 Queer Issues in Latin American Literature and Cinema
SPAN 104 La voz de la mujer a través

* All papers/projects must focus on GSST