Faculty and Staff

Records of the Faculty are restricted, and access requires permission of the President of the College or the Provost. Please click on headings for detailed finding aids, if available.

Faculty Handbooks, 1947-

The Faculty Handbook includes information about policies, practices, facilities, and conventions that relate to a position.
Call number: RG6/L1

Meetings of the Faculty, 1877-

The Faculty of Swarthmore College probably met from the beginning of the College's operation, and formal meetings were routine by 1877, when the available minutes begin.
Call number: RG6/L2

Standing Committees of the Faculty, 1881-

The first standing committees of the Faculty were listed in the Catalogue of 1881:  Library, Students'  Societies,  Catalogue, and Diplomas and Commencement.
Call number: RG6/L3

Ad Hoc Committees of the Faculty, 1972-

Over time, there have been numerous Faculty Ad Hoc Committees dealing with issues such as admissions, curriculum, student concerns, honors programs, tenure, salaries, and faculty housing. In general, these committee are established to deal with special topics and concerns and typically only last one to two years. This series contains a 1972 report by the Ad Hoc Committee on the Grading System.
Call number: RG6/L4

Individual Resolutions, Reports and Miscellaneous Papers of Faculty, 1975-

Call number: RG6/L5

Staff Committees and Organizations, 1998-

Staff Advisory Council

The Swarthmore College Committee on Staff Procedures (COSP) was formed in 1989 to identify issues of concern to staff and advise the College President. The committee reorganized slightly in 1998 and changed its name to the Staff Advisory Council (SAC), a body which still exists as of 2015. The Staff Advisory Council records, 1989-2007, consist largely of meeting minutes, memoranda to all-staff from COSP/SAC, and correspondence between COSP/SAC members.
Call number: RG6/L6A

Faculty Club, 1920-1927

A Faculty Club was formed to organize and coordinate social activities for members of the faculty and to provide a forum for regular discussion.
Call number: RG6/L7

Papers of Individual Faculty and Staff Members:

Mary Albertson (RG6/L8/001)
Carl Barus (RG6/L8/002)
Arthur Beardsley (RG6/L8/003)
Robert Clarkson Brooks (RG6/L8/004)
Joseph Conard (RG6/L8/005)
Everett Lee Hunt (RG6/L8/006)
Olga Lang (RG6/L8/007)
Pauline Marshall (RG6/L8/008)
Charles B. Shaw (RG6/L8/009)
Harrison M. Wright (RG6/L8/010)  
J. Rolland Pennock (RG6/L8/011)
Brand Blanshard (RG6/L8/012)
David S. Cowden (RG6/L8/013)

Faculty and Staff Reference Files

Primarily clippings and other secondary materials relating to individual members of the  Faculty and Staff of Swarthmore College.  Arranged alphabetically, index available in the Library.
Call number: RG6/L9

Photographs of Faculty and Staff

Arranged by department.
Call number: SPA/207/F

Presidential files on faculty

Many of the papers of former Swarthmore College Presidents include faculty correspondence files, which typically include documents about the faculty member's hiring, career at Swarthmore, and departure from the institution. Check the papers of the president who was in office at the time the faculty member retired or departed from Swarthmore.
See: President's Office