Swarthmore College Archives: Faculty & Staff

Some records of the Faculty are restricted, and access requires permission of the President of the College or the Provost. Please click on headings for detailed finding aids, if available.

Faculty Handbooks, 1947-

The Faculty Handbook includes information about policies, practices, facilities, and conventions that relate to a position.
Call number: RG6/L1

Meetings of the Faculty, 1877-

The Faculty of Swarthmore College probably met from the beginning of the College's operation, and formal meetings were routine by 1877, when the available minutes begin.
Call number: RG6/L2

Faculty and Staff Committees

Meeting minutes, reports, correspondence, and other materials relating to various committees composed of the faculty and/or staff. Arranged alphabetically by committee.
Call number: RG6/L3

Faculty and Staff Social Organizations

The Faculty Men’s Club was established before 1915 as a social organization for members of the faculty. A similar Faculty Women’s Club, composed primarily for the wives of the faculty, was established around the same time. The Faculty Women’s Club changed its name to Women’s Campus Club in 1929, later known simply as the Campus Club and then as the Penguin Club. Among other social activities, in the 1940s the club began putting on a series of faculty and staff theatrical productions, which continued annually and then biennially through the 1980s. The Penguin Club records, 1920-1989, include minutes Penguin Club and predecessor organization (including some Men’s and Women’s minutes), 1920s-1980s; faculty-staff drama materials, such as programs, scripts, planning materials, and flyers, 1960s-1989; and files on other activities of the Campus Club, such as museum tours, potlucks, and picnics.organization. This collection also includes several folders on "The Kovalenko," an annual dinner dance for faculty (mid 20th century), and one slim volume of records of Jocoseria, a faculty club for Robert Browning enthusiasts (1898-1899). (6 boxes and 1 accordion folder; approximately 2.4 linear feet.)
Call number: RG6/L4

Memorandums to the Faculty and Staff

Memorandums issued to the faculty and/or staff of Swarthmore College, organized alphabetically by topic.
Call number: RG6/L5

Provost's Office

The Provost is the chief academic officer of the college and is responsible for the faculty and the curriculum. All academic departments report to the Provost, as do academic support departments including the Library and Information Technology Services, and athletics. Access to some Provost records is restricted.
Call number: RG6/L6

Syllabi and Course Materials

Syllabi and course materials from various classes offered at Swarthmore College, organized by department, circa 1900-2011 (0.1 linear feet). See also papers of individual faculty members (RG6/L8) and directors of the Friends Historical Library (William Isaac Hull, RG5/069; Frederick Barnes Tolles, RG5/218; J. William Frost, RG5/253.
Call number: RG6/L7

Papers of Individual Faculty and Staff Members:

Mary Albertson (RG6/L8/001)
Carl Barus (RG6/L8/002)
Arthur Beardsley (RG6/L8/003)
Robert Clarkson Brooks (RG6/L8/004)
Joseph Conard (RG6/L8/005)
Everett Lee Hunt (RG6/L8/006)
Olga Lang (RG6/L8/007)
Pauline Marshall (RG6/L8/008)
Charles B. Shaw (RG6/L8/009)
Harrison M. Wright (RG6/L8/010)  
J. Rolland Pennock (RG6/L8/011)
Brand Blanshard (RG6/L8/012)
David S. Cowden (RG6/L8/013)

Faculty and Staff Reference Files

Primarily clippings and other secondary materials relating to individual members of the  Faculty and Staff of Swarthmore College.  Arranged alphabetically, index available in the Library.
Call number: RG6/L9

Photographs of Faculty and Staff

Arranged by department.
Call number: SPA/207/F

Presidential files on faculty

Many of the papers of former Swarthmore College Presidents include faculty correspondence files, which typically include documents about the faculty member's hiring, career at Swarthmore, and departure from the institution. Check the papers of the president who was in office at the time the faculty member retired or departed from Swarthmore. Note that certain access restrictions are applied to presidential papers, and that personnel information is restricted due to privacy considerations.
See: President's Office