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Alumni Association

The Swarthmore College Alumni Association was incorporated in 1882.
Call number: RG6/R001

Alumni, Individuals, Papers by and about

Individual alumni files, primarily deceased, arranged alphabetically.  Restricted access.  Index available in the Library.
Call number: RG6/R002

Collected Papers of Individual Alumni, RG6/R003

James H. Scheuer Papers

Representative James H. Scheuer (1920-2005) was a Democratic Congressman from New York,  Swarthmore College Class of 1942. The collection  documents his long career as a politician and public servant. His early interests in housing and urban planning soon broadened to encompass the diverse needs of his constituents in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Both in the House and in external committee work, Scheuer was actively involved in issues relating to the environment and the quality of life for people throughout the world.
Call number: RG6/R003/001

John T. Diebold Papers

John Theurer Diebold (1926-2005) was an early advocate of widespread uses of computing and automated technology.  He graduated from Swarthmore College in 1949 and published his first of twelve books, Automation, in 1952. In it, he presented his vision of the use of programmable electronic systems for business. In 1968, he established an operating foundation, The Diebold Institute for Public Policy Studies.
Call number: RG6/R003/002

Gertrude Weaver Refugee Correspondence

Gertrude Weaver (d. 1998) graduated from Swarthmore College in 1938 with degrees on German and History, and spent her junior year (1936-1937) in Munich. After graduation, she taught German at Chester High School where she and her students corresponded sent relief packages to families in Western Europe struggling to survive in impoverished post-World War II Europe. This collection contains Weaver's correspondence with the recipients of her aid, as well as records of the logistics of the operation. The majority of the correspondence involves the Bergas family, German refugees living in Montauban, France.
Call number: RG6/R003/004

Class Records

Class files containing clippings, reunion materials, etc.,  relevant to each class.
Call number: RG6/R004

War Years

Collection of correspondence and memorabilia relating to the students at Swarthmore College between 1942 and 1946.  Includes material on the class of Chinese Naval officers and the Navy's V-12 unit.
Call number: RG6/R005

Alumni Surveys

Alumni surveys conducted by the College.  Arthur Beardsley's 1894 survey of alumni was used as the basis for the Alumni Historical Catalogue, 1873-1892.  A survey conducted by an alumni group, The Garnet Band, was used to gain support for the resumption of Swarthmore-Haverford football and the weekly publication of thePhoenix.  After World War I, the Dean's Office conducted a survey of the military experiences of male students.
Call number: RG6/R006

Swarthmore College Preparatory School

At its inception, Swarthmore College included a large preparatory department.  By the early 1880s, the preparatory school began to play a secondary role, and it was abolished in 1893.  Collection contains a card file of students who attended the Swarthmore College Preparatory School.
Call number: RG6/R007