Understanding Your Bill

Pending and Authorized items on the bill

  • "Pending Items" are noted but not yet subtracted because they have not been formally processed. You may subtract these items from the amount due and pay the remainder. Items that might be pending include:
    • State Grant Funds- These funds must be received by the College before they can be credited to your account. The Financial Aid Office will contact you if anything is needed.
    • Federal Pell, SEOG, or Direct Stafford loan funds-These funds will be pending if something more is needed from your family. Please contact SCloans@swarthmore.edu to determine what information is still needed.
  • "Authorized Financial Aid" is aid that has already been subtracted from your Swarthmore College charges.

Outside Scholarships

  • You may deduct outside scholarship funds not already applied to your student account.

Borrowing loans for your spring bill

  • If wish to borrow through the federal Direct Stafford or PLUS loan programs, and you haven't yet completed an application, you may do so now. More information about these federal educational loans is available on-line at: http://www.swarthmore.edu/financial-aid/financing-options
  • Questions about the federal Direct Stafford or the federal Direct PLUS application process not answered on our website can be directed to our assistant director John Haggerty at: scloans@swarthmore.edu.

The best way to contact the Financial Aid Office is to email finaid@swarthmore.edu and request a time to speak with someone in our office.