The Financial Aid Office notifies returning students of their aid eligibility for the upcoming academic year in late June. Completing your financial aid application file April 30th will insure that you will have an aid decision by this time and in time to arrange for payment of your fall bill which is due early in August.

When parents are not together, whether because they were never married or are separated or are divorced, we consider their financial situations separately.   If either parent has remarried, your stepparent’s income information is also required.

(If you wish to apply for federal aid only, complete just the FAFSA form after January 1, 2016)


College Board CSS/PROFILE

  • Online application. An application fee of $25 will apply for PROFILE. Fee waivers cannot be applied.  
  • The CSS/PROFILE provides more accurate data, a consistent calculation of ability to pay, and speedier access to financial information.
  • Students who are unable to submit a PROFILE to any college or university, particularly students from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Ghana, should contact the Financial Aid Office for alternatives to submitting and/or paying for the PROFILE: 
College Board CSS/Noncustodial PROFILE 
  • Online application required only if your biological parents are separated, divorced or were never married. You will find instructions about how to forward this form to your non-custodial parent after you submit your own CSS/PROFILE form on-line. 
  • Your noncustodial parent is required to submit the documents listed below. These documents may be emailed to our office in PDF format only.  The email subject should be "student's full name-class year", example: "Sammy A. Student-2015"

How to upload your custodial parent’s tax and income documents using our secure process:

The secure upload process is available with your Financial Aid Checklist.
View your personal Financial Aid Checklist to see a list of required financial aid application documents. We will provide you with more specific instructions in the spring semester.


  • Documentation of parents' income is required. Please provide us a letter from each parent's employer stating, in English, the parent's gross salary (that is, before any deductions) and the value of benefits, living subsidies, or perquisites for the period January 1 to December 31, 2015.
Attested Noncustodial Parent Income documentation  (reported income tax forms, etc.)
  • Provide a photocopy of your noncustodial parents' most recent foreign income tax return (or its equivalent). If not in English, a translated version is required along with the original copy.
Passport or Citizenship Documents (Photocopy)
  • Please provide a photocopy of your passport or citizenship documents. 

U.S. citizens who live outside the U.S. must:

  • provide a photocopy of parents’ 2015 U.S. federal income tax return
    (all pages and schedules—business and personal)
  • complete the 2016-17 federal FAFSA form: Available January 1, your federal FAFSA form is to be completed on-line once your parents complete their 2015 federal income tax return.