Property Committee

Property Committee

The Property Committee, in conjunction with the appropriate officers of the College, sees to the care and oversight of the College grounds, buildings, property, equipment, and technology infrastructure. The Committee is responsible for planning and overseeing the erection of all new buildings and all renovations to existing buildings. The Committee is also responsible for all real estate matters, including the acquisition, disposition, or development of campus property.

Committee Members

David Singleton, Chair
Frederick W. Kyle, Vice Chair
Richard Barasch
Thomas Hartnett
Samuel L. Hayes III
Susan Levine
Sibella Clark Pedder
John A. Riggs
Robin Shapiro
Thomas E. Spock
Danielle Toaltoan

Staff Contacts

Paula Dale, Executive Assistant for Facilities and Services
C. Stuart Hain, Vice President for Facilities and Services
Jan Semler, Director, Planning and Construction