Investment Committee

Investment Committee

Members of the Audit and Risk Management Committee are dedicated to understanding and analyzing accounting and finance issues, principles, and practices relevant to the College's financial affairs.

The Investment Committee is responsible for the investing, sale, and reinvesting of all funds of the College and all funds held and administered by the College as fiduciary, in conformity with investment policies reviewed and approved by the Board at least annually, and in strict accordance with the terms of any trust, will, deed, or gift or other instrument under which funds have been donated or entrusted to the College.

With respect to the endowment, the Committee recommends investment policies for the endowment to the Board; selects investment managers, investment partnerships, and consultants, bank custodians, and other experts, as appropriate; and makes direct investments in cases in which an investment manager is not used. Additionally, the committee works to ensure that the endowment investments are in line with the investment policies and objectives. In conjunction with the Finance Committee, the Investment Committee recommends guidelines for spending endowment returns.

Committee Members

Christopher M. Niemczewski, Chair
Salem D. Shuchman, Vice Chair
Ephraim Greenwall, Non-board member
Thomas W. T. Hartnett
Harold (Koof) Kalkstein
Corey Mulloy, Non-board member
Gustavo Schwed
Gaurav Seth, Non-board member

Thomas E. Spock, Ex officio

Staff Contacts

Mark Amstutz, Chief Investment Officer
Gregory N. Brown, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Carmen R. Duffy, Investment Associate

Frank C. Grunseich, Director of Investments
Chelsea A. Hicks, Investment Analyst
Lori Ann Johnson, Director of Investment Operations and Assistant Treasurer
Valerie A. Smith, President