Financial Planning Group

Financial Planning Group

The Ad Hoc Financial Planning Group was charged with developing and recommending budgetary plans to respond to the economic crisis that began in 2007-2008. The group aimed to ensure future financial sustainability and sought to protect the College's mission by balancing the interests of present and future generations. The recommendations of the Ad Hoc Financial Planning Group were adopted by the Board of Managers in December 2009.

Financial Planning Group Members

Board of Managers

Barbara W. Mather, Chair
Salem Shuchman, Vice Chair, Investment Committee
David Singleton, Chair, Property Committee
Tom Spock, Chair, Finance Committee


Constance Hungerford, Interim President
Suzanne Welsh, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Stephen Bayer, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations
Jim Bock, Vice President and Dean of Admissions
Maurice Eldridge, Vice President for Community and College Relations
C. Stuart Hain, Vice President for Facilities and Services
Garikai Campbell, Acting Dean of Students
Melanie Young, Vice President for Human Resources


Nat Anderson, Professor of English Literature
Stephen Golub, Professor of Economics
Thomas Stephenson, Professor of Chemistry
Sarah Willie-LeBreton, Associate Professor of Sociology


Sharmaine LaMar, Equal Opportunity Officer
Mary Marrissen, Staff Advisory Committee Moderator and McCabe Library Technical Services Specialist