Finance Committee

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews the annual operating and capital budgets submitted by the President of the College, and when the annual budget is approved by the committee, they recommend the budget to the full Board of Managers for final action. The Committee has authority to authorize changes in the budgets and may approve unusual expenditures as may from time to time be recommended by the President of the College.

The Committee also has responsibility for the administration of all trusts where the College is the fiduciary, including the allocations and distributions of principal and income of the various trusts to beneficiaries and to funds and endowments of the College.

Working closely with the Vice President of Finance and Treasurer, the Finance Committee reviews the College's five year plans and other financial planning materials and the College's financial aid programs.

The Finance Committee is assisted in their work by an Audit and Risk Management Committee which reviews the College's auditing, accounting, risk management and financial reporting processes and the system of internal controls.

Committee Members

Harold (Koof) Kalkstein, Chair
Richard Barasch, Vice Chair
Sohail Bengali
Rhonda Cohen
Thomas W. T. Hartnett
Giles K. Kemp
Barbara W. Mather
Gustavo Schwed
David Singleton
Sujatha Srinivasan

Staff Contacts

Rebecca Chopp, President
Karl W. Clauss, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
C. Stuart Hain, Vice President for Facilities and Services
Eileen E. Petula, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller
Pamela Prescod-Caesar, Vice President of Human Resources
Thomas Stephenson, Provost
Suzanne P. Welsh, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer