eMarket Portal

Swarthmore College's eMarket Portal is an online integrated procurement solution for higher ed. Essentially, it provides a means for College employees to access supplier’s online website catalogs by "punching out" from Swarthmore’s single sign-on environment into a supplier’s ecommerce website for the requisition of products. By accessing a supplier's punch out-enabled ecommerce website, buyers will be automatically logged in and able to search the catalog, add items to the shopping cart, and return the cart as a pending purchase order back to the College’s procurement system. 

The eMarket Portal is perfect for departmental employees that have been delegated the responsibility of buying supplies. The web-based application adds convenience to the purchasing role in the following ways:

  • Shop anytime from any computer with an internet connection
  • Single sign-on
  • Negotiated or discounted pricing structure 
  • Compare prices
  • Store products in a cart
  • Combine orders from different vendors into one shopping cart
  • Track new orders and refer to previous orders
  • Generate reports to monitor expenditures