Student Groups

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Deshi is an organization for students of all backgrounds who are interested in promoting increased awareness of the political, cultural, and social issues pertaining to South Asia, South Asians, and South Asian Americans. Deshi sponsors cultural events on campus such as speakers (poets, activists, film writers), garbas, an annual culture show, while also providing a space in which South Asian students and those interested in the region can interact in a social environment. This includes organizing on campus social events, dining out, and attending cultural programs. Weekly meetings are held Monday nights at 9:30 p.m. in the IC.


Swarthmore College's organization for Latino and Hispanic students.

International Club

The International Club's goal is to bring together the international community at Swarthmore College. The club creates a platform for the exchange of cultures and the discussion of issues pertaining to international students.


Multi is an organization dedicated to providing a safe environment for people of multiple heritages in the Swarthmore College community, whether they are of various class, cultural, ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds. The group aims to facilitate awareness on campus of issues affecting these individuals by bringing speakers to campus, hosting campus-wide discussions, and advocating for relevant government policy. In addition, Multi holds social activities for its members such as movie showings, annual formal and campus-wide parties. Multi is an open organization which meets weekly.

SOCA (Students of Caribbean Ancestry)

SOCA is an organization which works diligently on presenting a clear conception of the Caribbean to the entire student body and also serves to support students of Caribbean Ancestry at Swarthmore through academic and cultural support, social and cultural activities, and heightened political awareness on developments in the Caribbean region. Through curriculum initiatives SOCA hopes to heighten Caribbean awareness and fill in the gaps in Caribbean studies. SOCA liaises with the Admissions Office on issues relating to making Swarthmore College more known in the Caribbean.

SAO (Swarthmore Asian Organization)

The Swarthmore Asian Organization (SAO), est. 1987 as a member-organization of the Intercultural Center, is a social, educational, political, and cultural group open to any Swarthmore students who self-identify as an Asian (East Asian, South Asian, South East Asian), Asian-American, or Pacific Islander. SAO is committed to providing a place for Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIAs) to find community and support, an educational and cultural setting to explore, share, and celebrate experiences and perspectives as APIAs, and a channel for political action, social awareness, and cultural programming for the campus community at large. SAO programming ranges from faculty lectures and teahouses to special performances and parties for the campus at large. Historically, our largest event of the year has been the Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month at Swarthmore in March/April. Additional social and educational programming and services for its members include regular Tuesday night meetings held in the large room of the Intercultural Center at 9:00 pm, the IC-SAO Alumni Network and Mentoring Program, the SAO "Big Brother, Big Sister" Mentoring Program, group trips to conferences, Sharples dinner nights, and study breaks. SAO is also a political channel for all those interested in working on issues and causes related to Asians and Asian Americans, such as Ethnic Studies.

SASA (Swarthmore African Students Association)

SASA is the Swarthmore African Students Association, a group dedicated to the cultural enrichment of the campus through education on issues concerning Africa, and the varying cultures within Africa. It is an open organization that serves as a support group for African students on campus; but with its openness also comes a responsibility to educate our members on issues within what has been called the dark continent. We have various events throughout the year, from dinners to film festivals, but it all culminates in the spring with Africa Week. During Africa Week we invite speakers to campus to address significant issues impacting Africa, and we finish the week with a large cultural show involving skits, dances, game shows, and a fashion show. We meet in Sharples for dinner in Room 5 every Thursday at 5:30. Everyone is always welcome.

SASS (Swarthmore African American Student Society)

SASS intends to provide support for its members primarily through political and community building activities. The major goals of the organization are to increase the number of Black students, faculty, and staff; infuse a greater Black perspective into the curriculum; to improve the quality of life for the Black community; to advocate for the advancement of the Black community outside of Swarthmore; and maintain a strong supportive Black community.