Sewer Line Construction in the Crum Woods

Sewer Line Construction Project Map
The green line running through this map indicates where the sewer line work will take place in the Crum Woods. View an expanded version of the map.

What is the scope of this project?

The Central Delaware County Authority (CDCA) is undertaking significant construction to upgrade an aging concrete sewer line that runs from Newtown Square to Crum Lynne. A portion of this line runs through Swarthmore College's Crum Woods and a 25-foot-wide path along Crum Creek from Victoria Mills to the Yale Avenue Bridge will be affected.

How long will the project take?

The project will begin in spring 2011 and continue into fall 2011. Work will begin with tree and brush removal to allow access to the work site, followed by the installation of erosion control fencing and other stream protection measures. Work on the pipe itself is scheduled to begin in April and will continue through the end of August. Restoration work will take place in October and November.

Why is this work necessary?

CDCA is taking this action to accommodate use of the line by three additional townships. Additionally, by upgrading the line to a heavy-gauge polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it will be more resistant to accidental breakage.

What impact will the work have on the Crum Woods?

The Facilities Department has been working very closely with the relevant agencies, and also with faculty from the Environmental Studies Program, in order to ensure that the impact on the woods is kept to a minimum. However, this is a significant construction project: in the course of the work, trees and brush will be removed from a 25-foot-wide path along Crum Creek from Victoria Mills to the Yale Avenue Bridge.

The College and the Delaware County Conservation District are monitoring the work carefully to ensure that the project includes proper erosion control. The replacement sewer pipe will be buried and there will be manholes at intervals, as is the case with the current pipe.

Members of the Grounds and Arboretum crews and volunteers from the College and local community have relocated 75 tree saplings that would have otherwise been destroyed. These trees had been planted over the past couple of years as part of a streambank forestation project funded by the TreeVitalize program of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

How will the site be remediated after work is complete?

The College is working to ensure that when work on the line is complete, a full cover of appropriate native plant species will be seeded into the entire length and width of the right-of-way and new tree saplings will be planted along its margins by the CDCA.

How was the project vetted and reviewed?

Permits for this work have been granted by the Delaware County Conservation District, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Is it safe to be in the woods for the duration of this project?

Many parts of Crum Woods will be open for recreational and academic use while this work is ongoing. The construction area will be clearly marked for the duration of this project and visitors to the woods should avoid the construction area for their safety.