• How long has Swarthmore College's Central Europe Program been operating?

  • The first group of students enrolled in the Krakow, Poland Program in Spring, 2000. The program in Brno is a new initiative intended to serve a wider range of students in the social sciences and humanities. The Brno program builds on more than a decade of successful student experiences in our Krakow program.

  • How have students benefited from participation in the program?

  • Students experience life and learning in a very different culture, and they learn to speak an unusual Slavic language. They return to the their home institutions with broadened perspectives that often profoundly affect their lives. Several student participants have returned to Central Europe to live for a period of time after graduation, and four have returned as Fulbright fellows to pursue research at one of the affiliated universities.

  • What courses should I take?

  • An individualized program of courses is developed for each student through an advising process with the Program Director, Prof. McGarity. Advising sessions are typically held in the fall semester after students are accepted into the program and before they go abroad.

  • What courses are usually offered?

  • The courses normally offered will differ depending on the program branch.

    The Krakow, Poland branch is best suited for students interested in the physical sciences, engineering, international politics, or computer science. For details, visit the link: Courses in Krakow

    The Brno, Czech Republic branch is best suited for students interested in social sciences and humanities. For details, visit the link: Courses in Brno

  • Who are the instructors?

  • All instructors of the regularly taught courses are known personally by the Swarthmore College Program Director, Professor McGarity and have been selected by him for the program. They all have experience teaching their topics in English and several instructors have experience teaching in the United States.

  • Where will I live?

  • In each city, students are provided with single occupancy rooms in a dormitory conveniently located near public transportation for easy access to universities and the historic districts of the city.

  • Other questions?

  • Please email Professor Arthur McGarity: amcgarity@swarthmore.edu