Summer Funding

Swarthmore Internship Funding

Interested students should contact the respective departments/staff members for more information and to apply. There is no limit to the number of grants for which students can apply, but the total amount that a student may receive per summer is $4,350. Students are advised to apply for all grants appropriate to their projects to increase the likelihood of obtaining funds in support of their work.

Academic Departments/Provost Office
Information and application     Experiential Summer Fellowships
Information and application    Humanities Division grants
Information and application    Natural Sciences and Engineering Division grants
Information and application                                               Social Sciences Division grants
Creative Writing Stipend                                     

The English Department's Morrell-Potter Summer Stipend in Creative Writing provides a $2,500 prize to students who demonstrate exceptional promise in composing prose or poetry.

Lang Center
Summer Social Action Awards                     Information about the S2A2 award, which enables students to work in social action projects over the summer
Swarthmore Foundation Grants Information on grants from the Swarthmore Foundation which can be applied to community service and social action projects
Career Services
Swarthmore Future Entrepreneur Program

Paid internships offered at local start up companies through a partnership with Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Students can apply to posted internships and interview with participating start-up companies. If selected, students will gain experience working for a start up while gaining insight into the entrepreneurial world. Log in to SwatCareers to apply.

Summer Experiential Fellowship Grants

If you had a great time with your alumni sponsor during our extern program, why not ask them if you can come back this summer? If your sponsor cannot pay you, you can apply for one of Career Service's Summer Experiential Fellowship Grants of $4,350 for 10 weeks of full time work.
Dean's Office
Rubin Scholar Mentoring Program                                                                                                                         

This program offers a limited number of paid summer internships. It provides Rubin Scholars with an opportunity to work with a mentor to develop and strengthen career goals. The internships must be at least 4 weeks but no more then 6 weeks in duration. Rubin Scholars will be paid a stipend of $375 a week during the summer internship, with an additional stipend $150 per week for related expenses.

Please keep in mind that a condition of the acceptance of any fellowship or grant is the understanding that the student will not pursue other work on campus during the summer. Taxes are not withheld from any fellowship or grant award; nor does the College report the award to the IRS. However, the IRS considers the award income to the recipient. When filing your tax return, you should report the amount of the fellowship or grant award. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions or require assistance.


Outside Funding
Hope Reichbach Memorial Fund Available to New York City resident college freshmen and sophomores with demonstrated financial need. Matches students with internships that are traditionally unpaid and thus out of reach for those who cannot afford to work for free. Seeks to groom and mentor promising young leaders, and to close the "experience gap" by providing stipends for the students' work. Stipend is $3000 for a 10-week internship. For more information, click here [pdf].

J.W. Saxe Memorial Fund

Provides summer awards for students doing public service internships

Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program

Places students in internships at public policy and nonprofit organizations; provides a stipend and covers housing/travel costs

Getty Foundation Grants for Multicultural Undergraduate Internships in the Arts

Sponsors-paid internships at museums and arts organizations throughout LA County for multicultural residents of Los Angeles County

Upper Midwest Human Rights Fellowship Program

Covers the cost of transportation, lodging, food, and supplies for students from the upper Midwest interning at a human rights organization

Clinton Global Initiative

The Clinton Global Initiative University Outstanding Commitment Awards are grants given to exceptional student Commitments to Action aimed at improving communities and lives around the world. All currently enrolled students (both undergraduate and graduate) may apply for these awards. offers funding to individuals who are dedicated to social improvement and service. Offered in various fields of research. Projects may designed by you or you can apply for pre-designed opportunities constructed by organizations (email for login information).