Job Search

Your job search time-line will depend on several factors. Knowing what type of work you want after graduation will be one key factor, as will the industry in which you are interested and when certain organizations typically hire. Regardless of career field, you should start preparing early for your job search and learning what resources are available when you are ready. It takes the average job seeker six months to land a job and may take even longer in a tightened job market.  Have you been struggling in your job search? You're not alone! Read this handout on Maximizing the Job Search Process [pdf] and get some tips that will change your outlook and make your applications more effective.

"I applied to 6 colleges and got accepted to 6 colleges. I applied to over 70 jobs in three months, heard back from 4 of them, and landed 1 offer. It's not because I wasn't a great applicant, it's because applying for jobs is just different than applying to schools. If you haven't applied to 20 jobs, you haven't even started. Rejection is an essential part of winning this game." - Senior, Class of 2013


Additional Job Search Resources

  • Our Post-Graduate Plans by Major [pdf] guide is a popular resource for students to learn about the first path of recent Swarthmore graduates.
  • 80% of jobs are found through professional connections.  Your job search strategy should include a combination of several approaches, integrating both technology and face-to-face interactions through networking.   Our Job Search Strategies Guide [pdf] will help you think through options for an effective job search.  Learn more about initiating career conversations through networking.
  • For more information on developing job search strategies to meet your career goals, call (610) 328-8352 to make an appointment with a Career Counselor.  Seniors, learn all the ways Career Services can help you prepare for your post-graduate plans through our Senior's Guide to Career Services [pdf].