Graduate School

If you are contemplating graduate school, you are not alone. Upon graduation, over 90% of Swarthmore grads plan to attend graduate or professional school within five years. It might be helpful to ask yourself these two questions as you begin your graduate school decision making process.

  1. Do your career goals require graduate or professional school training? (Examples include being a doctor, lawyer, or teaching on the collegiate level.)
  2. Do you want to specialize in a subject that is of great importance for your career or personal satisfaction?
Schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor for personalized help through the decision-making and application process by calling 610-328-8352.

Decide if Graduate School is Right for You

Our Graduate School Decision Making guide [pdf] offers great advice about how to make this important decision and tells you about the application process.

Research Graduate Schools

  • Read the Swarthmore Graduates and Advanced Study Report [pdf] to find out which schools graduates from the classes of 2004-2012 attended.
  • Browse our Graduate School Resources to explore sites with graduate school information.
  • Visit our Career Library in Parrish 135 for text directories including the Peterson's Graduate School Guides, test preparation books, and funding directories.
  • Talk with your faculty about programs in your academic field to find out about programs that might be a good fit for your interests and abilities.

Establish a Recommendations File

We store letters of recommendation for students and alumni and send them out upon request to the graduate programs of interest. Since most graduate programs require confidential letters, your recommenders may send the letters directly to us. 

Learn about Medical, Dental or Law School

  • Health Sciences Office: This is the health professions advisory program at Swarthmore College. Health Sciences Advisor Gigi Simeone is available to counsel Swarthmore students and alumni/ae about preparation for and application to medical school and other health professions schools. 
  • Pre-law Office: This office can help you through the law school application process. Swarthmore offers several courses well-suited to law school. Additionally, many departments have advisors to help with the course selection, application, and financial aid processes involved with law school.

Order an Official College Transcript

You will need to provide each graduate school with an official transcript. You may obtain them from the College Registrar's office.