Women's Resource Center

Women's Resource Center


Women's Resource Center


The nearest visitor/accessible parking is on Sharples Lane.


There is no accessible entrance. There is an ambulatory entrance at the south end of building.


There is a stairway to the second floor at the southwest corner of the building.




There is an accessible restroom at the north end of building on the first floor.

Safe Waiting Area:


Women's Resource Center Floorplan

Women's Resource Center 1st floor

Map Key:

iconEntrance iconStairs
iconAccessible Entrance iconSafe Waiting Area
iconRestroom iconElevator
iconAccessible Restoom   

Destinations in Women's Resource Center include:

Floor Key:
  • (1) First Floor
Departments and Facilities:

About Women's Resource Center:

The Women's Resource Center (WRC) exists as a safe space for all women at Swarthmore. The WRC is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to creating a community of women from diverse backgrounds. Rather than taking a particular stance on issues, the WRC board initiates and facilitates discussion and events concerning women. Everyone is welcome at the WRC, regardless of gender.

Resources at the Center include a study space, kitchen, library, computer, phone, TV, and meeting space, in which any member of the College community may sponsor an event. Recent events have included Coffee Houses, Open Mic Nights, Movie Nights, and dialogue/discussion sessions.