The Matchbox

The Matchbox


Fitness center, Tarble Commons, Wellness lounge, and Lewis-Reynolds Athletic Performance room. Also the location of the Allen Kuharski Theater Studio.


The nearest visitor parking is in the West Field House Lane lot, across Fieldhouse Lane from Matchbox. The nearest accessible parking is at the west end of the Fieldhouse, on Fieldhouse Lane.


All entrances are accessible.


There are two stairways in the building. The Stairway at the east end serves all floors, the Stairway at the west end only serves floors 2 and 3.


An elevator at the east end of the building serves all floors.


There are three accessible, unisex restrooms on the lower level at the east end, adjacent to the strength training room, one is also equipped with an accessible shower stall. There are accessible multi-user restrooms on the third floor at the east end of the building.

Safe Waiting Area:


The Matchbox Floorplan

The Matchbox 1st floor

Map Key:

iconEntrance iconStairs
iconAccessible Entrance iconSafe Waiting Area
iconRestroom iconElevator
iconAccessible Restoom   

Destinations in The Matchbox include:

Floor Key:
  • (1) First Floor
  • (2) Second Floor
  • (3) Third Floor
Departments and Facilities:
  • Allen Kuharski Theater Studio (1)
  • Fitness Center Coordinator (1)
  • Lewis-Reynolds Performance Room (1)
  • Fitness Center (2)
  • Tarble Commons/Wellness Lounge (3)
  • Wellness Coordinator (3)