Sharples Dining Hall

Sharples Dining Hall


Dining Hall


The nearest visitor/accessible parking is on Sharples Lane.


There are accessible entrances at the north side off the patio and at the south side of the building on the lower level.


A stairway near the main entrance serves all floors.


An elevator serves both floors near the main entrance.


There is an accessible unisex restroom on the first floor.

Safe Waiting Area:


Sharples Dining Hall Floorplan

Sharples Dining Hall 1st floor

Map Key:

iconEntrance iconStairs
iconAccessible Entrance iconSafe Waiting Area
iconRestroom iconElevator
iconAccessible Restoom   

Destinations in Sharples Dining Hall include:

Floor Key:
  • (1) First Floor
  • (2) 2nd Floor
  • (LL) Lower Level
Departments and Facilities:

About Sharples Dining Hall:

Sharples Dining Hall carries on Swarthmore's tradition of bringing the campus together for meals in one central dining hall. Language tables, farm-to-table meals, all-you-can-eat buffet options, and special cuisines to celebrate cultural events are all part of the Sharples experience.