Parrish Hall

Parrish Hall


Home to administrative offices including Admissions, Career Services, the Dean's Office, Development, Disability Services, Equal Opportunity Office, Finance and Investment, Financial Aid, Institutional Research, Office Services, the President's Office, the Provost's Office, the Registrar's Office and Student Accounts. Parrish serves as a student hub and houses offices for The Daily Gazette, The Phoenix, and WSRN Radio, and Student Employment Office in addition to the campus Post Office and Credit Union


The nearest visitor parking is the Benjamin West lot. The nearest accessible parking is the Rose Garden circle at the east end of the building.


There are four accessible entrances, three on the north side and one at the east end of the building via ramp. There are four ambulatory entrances on the west side, south side and northeast and northwest ends of the building.


A central stairway serves the second floor. There are stair towers adjacent to the central stairway on east and west side serving all floors. There are stair towers at east and west end of building serving all floors.


Two elevators serve all floors in the middle of the building.


There are accessible restrooms on the lower level, first, and second floors at the east and west ends of the building and ambulatory restrooms on the third and fourth floors in the residence halls.

Safe Waiting Area:

There are safe waiting areas on Parrish west outside the elevators on the second and third floors on Parrish east outside the elevator on the fourth floor.

Parrish Hall Floorplan

Parrish Hall 1st floor

Map Key:

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About Parrish Hall:

Designed by Quaker architect Addison Hutton and named for the College's first president, Parrish Hall once constituted the entire college. After a fire in 1881 reduced the building to its stone walls, it was rebuilt and reopened on the first anniversary of the fire. Now, in addition to being home to the Admissions Office, Parrish is the College's main administration building; the campus post office; and several student activities offices, including that of Swarthmore's student newspaper, The Phoenix (named to honor the College's rebirth from the 1881 fire.) Its upper floors serve as a residence hall.