McCabe Library

McCabe Library


Site of the College Library, the Friends Historical Library, and the Peace Collection


The nearest visitor parking is the Benjamin West lot. The nearest accessible parking is at the Rose Garden Circle.


There is an accessible entrance at the west end of building at the main entrance.


There is a central stairway serving all floors and enclosed stair towers at northeast and southwest corners of the building.


There is an elevator serving all floors at the northeast corner of the building.


There are accessible restrooms on the second floor, and ambulatory restrooms on lower level and third floor.

Safe Waiting Area:

There are safe waiting areas outside the southwest stair tower on the second and third floors and on the lower level at the northeast stair tower.

McCabe Library Floorplan

McCabe Library 1st floor

Map Key:

iconEntrance iconStairs
iconAccessible Entrance iconSafe Waiting Area
iconRestroom iconElevator
iconAccessible Restoom   

Destinations in McCabe Library include:

Floor Key:
  • (1) First Floor
  • (2) Second Floor
  • (3) Third Floor
  • (4) Fourth Floor
  • (LL) Lower Level
Departments and Facilities:

About McCabe Library:

Among McCabe Library's resources are the Swarthmore College Peace Collection and the Friends Historical Library as well as a U.S. Government Depository and a rare-book room with first editions and handwritten papers. Students can check out books, journals, films (both academic and popular), laptop computers, and printers, and make use of the library's digital resources online. Each Swarthmore library has its own attractions, but in all of them students can drink a cup of coffee, connect to the wireless network next to a sunny window, browse the stacks, or join friends to talk and study. Walk into any of the libraries and you will find Swarthmore students engaged in research, working on individual or group projects, and exploring new ideas.