Lang Performing Arts Center

Lang Performing Arts Center


Site of the Frear Ensemble Theater, List Gallery, Pearson-Hall Theatre and Cinema; and home to the English literature and theater departments as well as the dance program


The nearest visitor parking lot is the Water Tower lot. The nearest accessible parking is in the lower level lot adjacent to the building.


There are accessible entrances at the lower level parking circle and on the first floor at the northeast end of the building opposite Kohlberg Hall.


There is a stairway in the main lobby to the lower level and an enclosed stair tower serving all floors at the southeast corner of the building next to the elevator.


There is an elevator serving all floors at the southeast corner of the building.


There is an accessible unisex restroom on the first floor in the main lobby, and Men's and Women's accessible restrooms on the lower level. There are ambulatory restrooms on the lower level, the first floor main lobby level, and on the second floor.

Safe Waiting Area:

None. There is an evacuation chair on the second floor in the hallway at the north end of the building.


A loading dock can be reached by taking the South Entrance to the rear of the building. The loading door dimensions are 11' H x 8' W. The dock is at tractor-trailer level. Up to 26' trucks, one at a time, can be accommodated, though larger trucks may also be accommodated with advance notice.

Lang Performing Arts Center Floorplan

Lang Performing Arts Center 1st floor

Map Key:

iconEntrance iconStairs
iconAccessible Entrance iconSafe Waiting Area
iconRestroom iconElevator
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Destinations in Lang Performing Arts Center include:

Floor Key:
  • (1) First Floor
  • (2) Second Floor
  • (3) Third Floor
  • (4) Fourth Floor
  • (LL) Lower Level
Departments and Facilities:

About Lang Performing Arts Center:

The performance and rehearsal spaces of the Eugene and Theresa Lang Performing Arts Center include the Pearson-Hall Theatre, the largest performance stage on campus; the Frear Ensemble Theatre; the Troy Dance Lab; the Patricia Wityk Boyer Dance Studio and Lab; and the List Gallery, which regularly sponsors exhibitions by both emerging and nationally known artists.