The Lodges

The Lodges


Residence Hall


The nearest visitor/accessible parking lot is at the Benjamin West Parking lot.


There is an accessible entrance at the south end, reached via a pathway next to Benjamin West House from the Benjamin West lot.


Stairways next to the entrances serve all floors.




Restrooms are on the lower level, no accessible restrooms.

Safe Waiting Area:


The Lodges Floorplan

The Lodges 1st floor

Map Key:

iconEntrance iconStairs
iconAccessible Entrance iconSafe Waiting Area
iconRestroom iconElevator
iconAccessible Restoom   

About The Lodges:

The Lodges comprise four cottage rowhouses. One serves as the office of War News Radio (Lodge 6), which produces a weekly show that delivers balanced and in-depth reporting, historical perspective, and personal stories on the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another houses the Beit Midrash (Lodge 5), providing a contemplative space for Jewish text study.

The remaining four Lodges provide housing for 16 students in double rooms. Residential life is a significant part of the Swarthmore experience, with 95 percent of the students living in college housing. All of the College's dorms house a diverse mix of students of different class years. Most first-year students and sophomores live with roommates. During junior and senior years, most students live in single rooms.