Dana Hall

Dana Hall


Residence Hall


The nearest visitor/accessible parking is at the Faulkner Tennis Courts.


No accessible entrances. Ambulatory entrances are at the north and south ends of the building at lower level and first floors.


A staircase serving all floors is located at each end of the building.




No accessible restrooms. Ambulatory restrooms on all floors.

Safe Waiting Area:


Dana Hall Floorplan

Dana Hall 1st floor

Map Key:

iconEntrance iconStairs
iconAccessible Entrance iconSafe Waiting Area
iconRestroom iconElevator
iconAccessible Restoom   

About Dana Hall:

Dana is one half of "Danawell," a pair of modern dorms (Dana and Hallowell) that stand adjacent to each other near the Crum Woods. They share a lounge where activities from watching televison to parties and meetings take place. Dana houses 92 students and has one single-sex (all female) floor.

Residential life is a significant part of the Swarthmore experience, with 95 percent of the students living in college housing. All of the College's dorms house a diverse mix of students of different class years. Most first-year students and sophomores live with roommates. During junior and senior years, most students live in single rooms.