Clothier Hall

Clothier Hall


Site of the College Bookstore, Essie Mae's Snack Bar, the Intercultural Center, Pacés Café, and the Tarble All-Campus Space, it also has offices for the Amos Peaslee Debate Society, Student Budget Office and the Swarthmore College Computer Society


The nearest visitor parking is the DuPont lot. The nearest accessible parking is on Clothier Circle.


The accessible entrance is reached via the patio at the east end of the building. Additional ambulatory entrances are at north, south and west ends of building.


Two stairways off the main lobby serve the lower level and second-floor all-campus space. An additional stairway, located at the west end of the building serves all floors.


An elevator at the west end of the building serves all floors.


There is an accessible, unisex restroom on the 2nd floor at the west end of the building, near the elevator. Main stairways lead to additional ambulatory restrooms on the lower level.

Safe Waiting Area:


Clothier Hall Floorplan

Clothier Hall 1st floor

Map Key:

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Destinations in Clothier Hall include:

Floor Key:
  • (1) First Floor
  • (2) Second Floor
  • (3) Third Floor
  • (LL) Lower Level
Departments and Facilities:

About Clothier Hall:

Clothier Hall, the social hub of the campus, features Essie Mae's snack bar; a game room; Tarble All-Campus Space used for dances and other events; and Paces, a student coffeehouse. It is also the location of the College Bookstore, which is independently owned and operated by the College.

The College's Intercultural Center (IC) is also housed in Clothier Hall. The IC supports the exploration of diverse heritages, political perspectives, and social and cultural experiences by offering a wide range of co-curricular activities and programs throughout the academic year. It provides both small spaces for private meetings and a large meeting room for collective events.

The base of the Clothier Bell Tower offers wonderful acoustics and is often the location of student a cappella concerts and rehearsals.