Scott Outdoor Amphitheater

Scott Outdoor Amphitheater


Outdoor auditorium


The nearest visitor parking is at the DuPont and field house lot. The nearest accessible parking is at the Clothier circle.


An accessible entrance is at the west end of the amphitheater opposite Wharton Hall.


There are four stairways serving all seating and stage areas.




The nearest accessible restroom is in Clothier Hall on the second floor.

Safe Waiting Area:


Scott Outdoor Amphitheater Floorplan

Scott Outdoor Amphitheater 1st floor

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iconEntrance iconStairs
iconAccessible Entrance iconSafe Waiting Area
iconRestroom iconElevator
iconAccessible Restoom   

Destinations in Scott Outdoor Amphitheater include:

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  • (1) First Floor
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About Scott Outdoor Amphitheater:

One of Swarthmore's most treasured spaces, the amphitheater was designed by noted Philadelphia landscape architect Thomas W. Sears and constructed in 1942. It is there that students begin and end their four years at Swarthmore - with a tradition called First Collection, during which students pass candlelight from one to another, connecting and "collecting" the new class; and Commencement, the final step of a student's journey on campus and the beginning of the class members' new lives as graduates. Tulip trees and white oaks provide the ceiling for the amphitheater, also home to concerts, dances, theater, performance, weddings, and parties.