Themes In Biology Lecture Series

Fall 2013 Biology 97
Complex Systems
Swarthmore College Science Center lecture hall 101
2 pm (most) Fridays.
All are welcome


Sept 20 Anna Mitchell
Assistant Professor of Genetics and Genome Sciences,
Case Western Reserve University
"Marfan Syndrome: Therapy Development from a Better Understanding of the

Sept 27 Greg Sword
Professor & Charles R. Parencia Chair in Entomology, Department of
Entomology, Texas A&M University
"Locust Swarms: From Individuals to Cannibal Hordes"

Oct 4 Sarah Cobey
Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolution, Univ of Chicago
"Computational approaches to understanding pathogen diversity"

Oct 25 Jessica Flack
Co-Director, Center for Complexity and Collective Computation,
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery; External Professor, Santa Fe Institute
"Collective Computation, Social Circuits, and the Origins of the Biological
Space-time Continuum"

Nov 1 Angela DePace
Assistant Professor, Department of Systems Biology, Harvard University
"Quantitative Evo-Devo in Drosophila Embryos"

Nov 8 Manuel Llinás
Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
Penn State University
"Exploring Transcription and Metabolism in Plasmodium falciparum"

Nov 15 Jeff Johnson
Director, Mass Spectrometry Lab, J. David Gladstone Institutes
Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, University of California San Francisco
"Systems Biology Investigations of the HIV-Human Interface"

Nov 22 Adam P. Summers '86
Professor, Department of Biology, Friday Harbor Laboratories,
University of Washington
"Sticky fish, sand swimmers and sharks - adventures in biomechanics"

Dec 6 Don Katz
Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology
Brandeis University
'The Neural Attractor Dynamics of Taste Perception"