Nominate: Help Us Shine a Light on Outstanding Alumni

Class of 2011 at Alumni Weekend


The Frank 5 Fellows Program, the Aydelotte Foundation’s new pilot program, is designed to advocate for the liberal arts by recognizing and showcasing some of our most inspiring, creative and impactful alums under age 30. The Foundation seeks nominees who are relatable and whose evolving careers invite conversation. Fellows need to be articulate and able to share their stories fully (the good and the bad) with diverse public audiences. They will be asked to describe the challenges and rewards of their journeys and to speak to how a liberal arts education has impacted them personally and professionally.

The Aydelotte Foundation looks to faculty, staff, alumni and current students to identify candidates who can help us fly the liberal arts flag. We aren’t just looking for “superstars.” Fellows will also include “everyday” people we are inspired by — making this an ideal opportunity to give a nod to someone who hasn’t been publicly acknowledged.

Do you know a young alum who’s a connector, builder, mediator, facilitator or pioneer? Someone who’s passionate about the work they do and who recognizes the value of their liberal arts education. Please nominate young alums who are a good fit for the Frank 5 Fellows Program by completing this online form. We will need the names and email addresses of candidates who likely graduated in 2008 or later. The Aydelotte Foundation will reach out to them and let them know that they have been encouraged to come forward and apply (e.g., Professor XYZ thinks you embody the spirit of the liberal arts and would make a good Aydelotte Fellow…)

Deadline for nominations is Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Are you a Swat grad under 30 who is interested in having conversations with diverse public audiences about the liberal arts? If yes, apply now! No need to be nominated. Application deadline is Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

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