Robert Putnam '63 spoke with students in associate professor Ben Berger's class, prior to an Aydelotte lecture on inequality, access and opportunity.

Faculty Research Seminar on Collaboration

The Aydelotte Foundation’s next faculty research seminar, held during Spring 2016, will bring together faculty members for a series of rich interdisciplinary conversations and inquiries on the theme of collaboration. Co-convened by Rachel Sagner Buurma and Lynne Steuerle Schofield, the seminar will focus on seminar members' individual and collective interests and expertise while also extending outward to include other interlocutors at Swarthmore and beyond. We will experiment with small collaborative projects, host visiting experts in related fields, have and record conversations on scholarship on collaboration, and seek out new forms of collaborative inquiry. Topics will include definitions of collaboration across disciplines, formal and informal collaboration, modes of describing collaboration, metrics and measures of collaborations, failed collaborations, digital and analog tools for collaboration, literary and historical forms of collaboration, and the cost/benefit analyses of collaboration.

Second Tuesday Arts & Humanities Cafes

“I think faculty members' willingness to share their expertise with staff builds good will and a sense of connection and commitment to what goes on in classrooms and labs — and more generally, the mission of the College” — from a Science Cafe audience member. Once again, all faculty and staff are invited to come together for a light lunch and some learning. The Foundation’s popular cafe series continues with monthly presentations by faculty members for faculty and staff — this time with a focus on the arts and humanities. The 2015-16 series will be convened by Yvonne Chireau (Religion). Arts & Humanities Cafes will highlight the intellectual relevance of humanities approaches to arts and culture, on topics ranging from visual narratives in Japan, to reflections on life and death in South Indian religions, to current intersections of theater, dance, and music performance in the United States. Events are geared for individuals with no formal background in the arts and humanities. The only requirement is curiosity. Talks will last about 35 minutes, allowing plenty of time for Q&A. Listen.