How Frank 5 Stories Will Be Told

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Each Fellow will partner with a faculty member who will help to curate the conversation and guide the Fellow through the year. (Note: Fellowships begin in June and conclude June the following year.) As part of a “year in the life,” Fellows commit to participating in the following activities.

  • Profile featured on Aydelotte Foundation website and social media

  • (2) Brief group visits to campus (1 fall & 1 spring) for public convenings and other small group activities
  • (8) Individual mini StoryCorps-like audio podcast chats — led by the faculty partner
  • (2) Group Twitter chats on the liberal arts — led by a faculty member
  • (1) Host Your Own event*
  • Submission of a 300 word narrative (or another to-be-negotiated piece) that sums up the Fellow experience.


*Host Your Own: Each Fellow will promote, host and share via social media an event in their region some time during the year that flies the liberal arts flag. The charge: Imagine an event that showcases your talents and interests and brings together a diverse group of people beyond your Swarthmore circle. Some potential ideas to get the creative juices flowing are next, but you are not limited to them. Be creative — make the event your own! You’ll have a budget of up to $1,000 for production and promotion.

  • Host your own Swat-style bathtub debate or redefine “taking the bar” with a First Amendment trivia night at an area bar.
  • Hold a one-day hack-a-thon or think-a-thon on a topic of interest (e.g., increasing access to affordable, nutritious food in your area) at your public library or another public space.
  • Reach out to your high school and offer to give a talk related to your field.
  • Bring a group of middle schoolers to your science lab for a hands-on demonstration of your research.
  • Partner with a nonprofit in your area and volunteer to lead a one-off workshop on a topic related to your expertise.

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