Frank 5 Goals

Goals Word Cloud

“This initiative came from a desire to bring regular folks into conversations about higher ed and the liberal arts,” says Senior Associate Director Pam Shropshire, the originator of Frank 5. “Much of the dialog I’ve seen has featured academics talking to or at other academics. I, like everyone, am invested in a having a higher education system that ‘works.’"

"I’ve heard parents, teachers and others ask, ‘what’s the right fit for my student?” and ‘will they be employable on the other side of their education?’ And, I know that employers are asking, ‘what does job readiness look like in the 21st century.’ I conceived of an initiative to address these concerns through the personal stories of young grads working across different sectors.”


The Frank 5 program aims to:

  • Demystify the liberal arts — What is a liberal arts education? Who is it right for? Where can it lead? What possibilities does it open up?
  • Create new opportunities for conversation about liberal arts education and shared values through the lives and experiences of young grads.
  • Provide a platform from which young grads can expand their networks and connections, along with opportunities for them to sharpen their abilities to tell their stories to different audiences in the public sphere.


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