Aydelotte Foundation Pilots New Program

Image courtesy: Chronicle of Higher Education


​The Aydelotte Foundation acts as a catalyst for intellectual exploration and engagement both inside and outside the classroom. We exist, in part, to demystify the liberal arts and give voice to those who champion the mission of liberal arts education: empowering students with the knowledge, insight, skills and experience they need to become leaders for the common good. Our charge is to inspire a greater understanding of, appreciation for, and participation in the liberal arts.

We are launching the Frank 5 Fellows Program to spark discussion around the value and impact of a liberal arts education. This pilot program will showcase five alums under age 30 who are undertaking interesting and inspiring work across different fields. Through the telling of their stories, we aim to expand our conversations with diverse public audiences. By putting a face on the liberal arts, we intend to ground these conversations in recognizable shared values and beliefs.

Dubbed the "Frank 5” in recognition of Frank Aydelotte (Swarthmore’s 7th President), these Fellows will form an intimate cohort that is dedicated to sharing “a year in the life” of a liberal arts grad.

For more information, e-mail pshrops1@swarthmore.edu.


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