Core Courses in the Cultural Traditions of Asia

All programs in Asian Studies require at least one course in the cultural traditions of Asia.  The following courses satisfy the requirement.

Course Number Course Name
ARTH 032 Crafting Nature: The Arts of Japanese Tea Culutre
ARTH 033 Famous Places and Sacred Sites: The Art of Landscape in East Asia
CHIN 016 Substance, Shadow, and Spirit in Chinese Literature & Culture (LITR 016CH)
CHIN 023 Modern Chinese Literature: A Novelistic Discourse (LITR 023CH)
HIST 009B Modern China
JPNS 017 Intro to Japanese Culture: The Cosmology of Japanese Drama (LITR 017J)
MUSI 008 Music of Asia
POLS 056 Patterns of Asian Development
POLS 058 Contemporary Chinese Politics
RELG 008 Patterns of Asian Religions
RELG 009 The Buddhist Traditions of Asia
RELG 012 & 013 History, Religion, and Culture of India, I and II