Working Groups

alumni council

Alumni Support Group

The Alumni Support Working Group (ASWG) is responsible for initiating and implementing strategic and operating plans for Alumni Council specific to supporting Swarthmore alumni. The ASWG works with Connection Chairs to promote the involvement of alumni in Connection events and other alumni-related activities. The ASWG promotes communication among alumni and interactions between the alumni and the College. The ASWG also works with the Student Support Working Group to develop programming that fosters productive interactions between alumni and current students. This group also makes the annual search and choice for the recipient of the Arabella Carter Award for unheralded community service.


  • Rob Steelman '92, Chair
  • Lulu Chen '05, Co-chair
  • Emily Aubrey '89
  • H.G. Chissell '96
  • Joshua Farber '02
  • Rohit Malhotra '95
  • Martha Marrazza '09
  • Donald McMinn '86
  • Jim Moskowitz '88
  • Catherine Lourdes Salussolia '04
  • Sara Orr Sello '66
  • Elizabeth Thoenen '83
  • Suzanne Winter '10

College Support Group

The College Support Working Group (CSWG) is charged with developing Council initiatives that provide guidance and assistance to the College. An important part of CSWG's overall vision is to strengthen the channels of communication among alumni, the Alumni Council, and the College. CSWG works with the Admissions Office to identify alumni admissions volunteers and to assist in the implementation of the admissions program. Another major role is responsibility for the process of selecting alumni representatives to the Board of Managers and College committees. Lastly, this working group provides support for internal evaluation and long-range planning for the Alumni Council.


  • David Ko '92, Chair
  • Bill Bradford '66, Co-chair
  • Michael Davidson '91
  • Deborah Dempsey '57
  • Loretta Gary '09
  • Carol Holm-Hansen '76
  • Brian Hwang '05
  • David Jenemann '93
  • Steven Kyle '77
  • Danielle Moss Lee '90
  • Armando Leon '09
  • Christina Paxson '82
  • Rosita Sarnoff '64
  • Kristin Bergstrom Vessey '61
  • Richard Wilson '73

    Student Support Working Group

    The Student Support Working Group develops projects and initiatives that enable alumni to assist current students of the College. In conjunction with the Career Services, this group oversees the coordination and operation of the Alumni Career Networking Dinner that provides students the opportunity to interact with alumni based on student career interests. The Externship Program, which enables as many Swarthmore students as possible to explore the day-to-day work experiences of Swarthmore alumni, parents, or friends, also operates under this group. In addition, the group has several initiatives underway that partner student groups and alumni including alumni speakers in the classroom, alumni panel discussions with the Students in Business Group, and exploring connection possibilities between students studying abroad and alumni.


    • Nina Paynter '97, Chair
    • Rachel Weinberger '80, Co-Chair
    • Linda Bovard '72
    • Rebecca Commito '10
    • Joshua Green '92
    • Deborah How '89
    • Jaky Joseph '06
    • Robert Kei Oye '73
    • Horatiu Stefan '01
    • Albert Williams '62
    • Lynda Yankaskas '99
    • Patrick Zweidler-McKay '89