Discussion Groups

Alumni Weekend

The following are the rules and regulations for using the Swarthmore alumni discussion groups that you will find within the College's password protected On-Line Community. If you have any questions, please contact Alumni Relations directly.

  1. Using the Swarthmore discussion group for any commercial activity is strictly prohibited without the express consent of the Alumni Office or the discussion group coordinators. Please contact the Alumni Office at the above link for further information.
  2. Sign your name and include your class year. At the end of of each message, please be sure to include your name and e-mail address. This header information is important in allowing other members of the listserv to identify and respond to your message directly.
  3. While discussion group topics tend to be very broad, we ask that you not post to the discussion groups for non-alumni (offering a friend's apartment, looking for jobs for non-alumni, etc.). You may post job openings that you feel would be beneficial to your discussion group community.
  4. Be Concise. Messages more than two screens in length are difficult for some participants to read. Shorter, to the point messages move discussions along at a more lively pace.
  5. Before sending a reply, consider whether it should go to everyone on the list or just to the person whose message you are replying to. If you think it will be of general interest, then send it to the list; if not, be careful to reply only to the message originator.
  6. Many of us have found that learning is promoted by dialogue in a spirit of inquiry, curiosity, and mutual respect. Please conduct your discussion in that spirit when using the listserv.
  7. If you wish to communicate privately with individuals on the list rather than to all list participants, be sure to reply to an individual's e-mail address and not to the list address.
  8. When replying to a posted message, it helps readers if you quote the part of the message (not the whole message) that you are replying to. All discussion group readers can then respond to your message in the proper context.
  9. E-mail messages typed in all uppercase are considered shouting, so please be considerate.
  10. Be cautious in using sarcasm on the Internet. Comments made in jest may not always appear that way to other reader
  11. The College reserves the right to remove people without notice from the discussion group for inappropriate postings.