Collection of Service

Alumni Weekend

Last April, as part of the College’s sesquicentennial celebration, the Alumni Council initiated a Collection of Service program as an opportunity to highlight the service that countless alumni provide to their local communities around the world. The Collection of Service is a recognition, a celebration, and also an opportunity to bring alumni together for volunteer work that promotes the common good. Last year there were 9 cities taking part in the first Collection of Service —Denver, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Tucson, Oakland, Boston, North Carolina Triangle, and San Francisco. The plans for this year’s events are being finalized now, and soon this web page will have links to register.

Please contact the Alumni Office at with any questions or if you would like to organize an event that will make a positive impact in your community—either for next year's Collection or for anytime between now and then.

In addition, if you already provide ongoing volunteer service to your community, please share your information with the Alumni Office so that your story might serve as inspiration to others.