Yana List '14

Yana Profile
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major/Minor: Biology major, Education minor


Hillel Board; Yule Ball- director; Pterodactyl Hunt-costumer; Catalyst! For Girls-food coordinator; Knit Wits; Psi Phi; 2nd Grade Sunday school teacher (Ohev Shalom); Tour guide 



Why Swat:

My first visit to Swarthmore was when I was 11, when my sister was looking at colleges. I decided that Swarthmore was the most beautiful place on the planet, and it was the only place that I wanted to go to college. When I was touring colleges, Swarthmore was always what I imagined a college should be like, and I realized that I couldn't go anywhere else. 

Favorite Class:

I have two. Last semester I took a double credit seminar in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning. That was fascinating because I really got the chance to pursue my interests in forest regulation and ecological change.

Remarks on Swatties:

Students tend to be pretty cooky, and everyone is unique in their different interests and academic passions. We are generally completely over-scheduled and overcommitted, because there are just so many opportunities, it's impossible to choose. 

Favorite place on campus:

Cornell library. The basement is a gorgeous place to do work, with a wonderful view of the Crum, and I am a productivity ninja when I work there.

Post-Swat plans: 

I am in the teacher certification program, so I plan on teaching high school biology for at least a few years after graduation. After that, I will probably go on to graduate school in science education.