Swarthmore Admissions Puzzle

Here, ideas can become action and change the world.

"Here, ideas can become actions and change the world."

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Meet the Class of 2018 - in Seven Seconds or Less!

See the creative, collaborative, and even contemplative ways over 30 members of the College's newest class introduced themselves to Swarthmore.

Swarthmore Computer Scientists Find App Development Success

Read how recent Swarthmore graduate, Craig Pentrack '14 was given the opportunity to help create a new social media app called Spotlight. The app started with an idea from founder Kevin Brophy: "What if a social medium were based, not on how often you post, but on good, well thought-out posts?" What if a user could post only a limited number, one to five a day, say? And what if the community of users could vote on the posts they liked? What if there was a monthly prize? Brophy invited former business partner Karen Meidlinger to come in, and VUID was born.They were looking for a head engineer who knew how to write and design an app and found Craig Pentrack through Richard Wicentowski, head of Swarthmore's computer science department at Swat Tank, Swarthmore's business design competition. 

First Collection 2014


 First Collection, an annual orientation tradition for new students, is an integral part of Swarthmore's Quaker heritage. All first-year students gather in the Scott Amphitheater to begin the event. The event includes speeches by  different members of the Swarthmore community. Students also participate in the candle-lighting ritual. The candles are seen as a symbol of solidarity among the incoming class, but also a reference to the College's Quaker roots, specifically the concept of 'inner light,'-and the unique set of beliefs that each individual brings to the College. First Collection for the Class of 2018 featured voices from various members of the community-including a student, a professor, and the College's interim president who offered encouragement and advice aimed at building a stronger, more diverse, and more inclusive campus community.  Listen to the speeches here.

Class of 2014 Fans Out Across the Globe

Graduation 2014Whether it's analyzing data on Wall Street, engineering software for Google, teaching chemistry in Jordan, or studying the interplay between humans and butterflies, the Class of 2014 graduates' plans reflect the intellectual curiosity and holistic approach to learning at the heart of Swarthmore. 

Many of members of the Class of 2014 are pursuing fields that weren't even on their radar when they started college! 



Classics Department Guides Students along Career Path

So what can you actually do with a Classics degree? A lot more than you might think. That was the theme of a Classics Department gathering earlier this month, at which 40 College community members shared insights on the field’s array of opportunities and career paths. “Eureka!” moments were had and misconceptions dispelled.



Swarthmore Externs Cross the Country to Learn About Careers

ExternsEach year, from California to New York, more than 200 Swarthmore students fan out across the country over the breaks to pursue externships-weeklong job-shadowing experiences- sponsored by alumni, parents, and friends of the College. Externships offer students a glimpse into the world of work after Swarthmore. They span a broad range of occupations and professions, from art galleries, businesses, educational institutions, environmental interest groups and financial firms to high-tech startups, hospitals, law firms, publishing, and think tanks.

Six New Lang Opportunity Scholars Will Create Projects Around the Globe

As the newest recipients of the Eugene M. Lang Opportunity Scholarship, six Swarthmore sophomores will be tackling social-action projects around the globe. "Our scholars in the Class of 2016 will undertake Opportunity projects as nearby as Chester, PA nd as far away as Ghana," says Joy Charlton, executive director of the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. "In every location, they'll have the chance to create a needed social resource or effect a significant social change." Each scholar receives a guaranteed summer internship, educational enhancement funds, and the opportunity to apply for up to $10,000 to create a project that addresses a social problem. The program was conceived and endowed by Eugene M. Lang '38.

Anna Schectman '12: The Hip, New Voice Behind The Times Crossword

Anna Schectman '12

The answers to the May 29th New York Times crossword puzzle included "epicness," "twitter hashtag," "where it's at," and "hell no." Although the 61-year-old Will Shortz edits every single submission that graces the Gray Lady's pages, that day's entry (a Thursday) had sprung from the mind of 23-year-old Anna Shechtman, Shortz's assistant and a four-time puzzle contributor for the Times.

Since starting at the Times straight out of Swarthmore College last year, Shechtman has brought some youthful edge to the 72-year-old quadrant of the paper. Not only did Shechtman get Shortz to include clues like "State of being awesome, in modern slang" (answer: epicness) in her own puzzle, she has influenced dozens of other grids, helping to justify more modern words and clues.


My Swarthmore, in 150 Words or Less

In honor of Swarthmore's 150th anniversary, alumni from the 1930s to 2013 were asked to reflect on the significance of Swarthmore College in their lives (in 150 words or less).


Places to Go, Carrels to Reserve: Our Favorite Spots at Swat (And Beyond!)

To ease the transition, and to offer the advice they wish they had received as freshmen, the Daily Gazette editors offer this list of our favorite places to study, eat, and squander free time on campus and in Philadelphia to our freshmen. 

Swarthmore blogs Swarthmore Blogs feature Swarthmore students' first-hand accounts of their college experiences - everything from choosing a major to studying abroad to working with our Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. 

Scott Arboretum AmphitheaterThe Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College is a garden of ideas and suggestions. Encompassing more than 300 acres of the Swarthmore College campus and exhibiting over 4,000 kinds of ornamental plants, the Arboretum displays some of the best trees, shrubs, vines, and perennials for use in the region.


Writing Associates Center

"Writing is the culmination of understanding. You have learned about something when you can write about it. Nothing is more rewarding than producing your own work."


Global Health Forum logoThe Global Health Forum (GHF) was founded in January of 2007 through Project Pericles at Swarthmore to address and to educate students about serious global health issues. The suffering of people around the world was, and continues to be, an issue in need of intense discussion and action.

Its mission is to empower ourselves and community members to improve global health through raising awareness, cultivating partnerships, and pressuring political initiative.