Sample Aid Award

A financial aid award may contain a combination of state, federal, community, or Swarthmore College scholarship,  and a campus job opportunity. Families may choose to borrow to pay their contribution, however, our aid awards do not include loans.

For example, Sarah, a first year student from Vermont, demonstrated a need for $43,250 in financial aid for the 2015-16 academic year. 

$41,030 Swarthmore College Scholarship
$300 Vermont State Grant
$1,920 Campus Work Opportunity
$43,250 Sarah's Financial Need


The budget we used to determine Sarah's need for assistance includes two round trips between Vermont and Swarthmore. Her parents are expected to contribute $8,000. Why this amount? Sarah's mother is a freelance editor, and her father is a salesman. Their income from all sources is $93,000. Sarah's parents began saving for the children's education some time ago but were unable to save more than $12,000 over the years. Sarah's brother is a junior at Oberlin, so this $8,000 parent share represents half of her parents' total capacity to help with their children's educational costs.

Sarah's contribution includes $2,000 from her summer earnings and 25% of her remaining savings from the job she held throughout high school. If Sarah had not been from a state that allows use of the state scholarship out of state, Swarthmore would have made up the difference.

Sarah's situation is offered as an example. We can't know what you might be eligible for until we have carefully reviewed your complete financial aid application. Only then can we assess what support you may need.