2016-17 Financial Aid Application Instructions

For Regular Decision applicants

  • whose parents are not together

To be considered for Swarthmore College scholarships, along with federal or state grants, loans, or campus work opportunities, you and your parents must submit the following items by February 15.

When parents are not together, whether because they were never married or are separated or are divorced, we consider their financial situations separately.   If either of parent has remarried, your stepparent’s income and tax information is also required.  Your financial aid decision will be made available with your admission decision if we receive a complete financial aid application by February 18. Applications are still accepted after this date.

(If you wish to apply for federal aid only, complete just the FAFSA form after January 1, 2016.)

College Board CSS/PROFILE form

Complete and submit your 2016-17 CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE
form on-line


If your parents do not live together, this form must be completed by the parent with whom you do not live. 
You will find instructions about how to forward this form to your non-custodial parent after you complete your own
CSS/PROFILE form on-line. 
Your non-custodial pare2nt is also required to submit copies of the income and tax documents detailed below
through the IDOC service.

2016-17 FAFSA form

Available January 1, your federal FAFSA form is to be completed
on-line once your parents complete their 2015 federal income tax return.

The documents listed below are to be submitted to the College Board’s Institutional Documentation service (IDOC). After February 1, 2016 or a few days after you submit your PROFILE form, you will receive an email from the College Board, on behalf of Swarthmore College, detailing the family income, tax, and other documents you need to submit to us through the IDOC service.  Access the IDOC instructions.


Submit all pages/schedules/statements of 2015 federal income tax return (Please DO NOT submit state tax returns).


Submit all W-2 wage statements used to complete parents’ 2015 federal tax return.
Include Form 1099 income statements for any income from contract earnings, retirement, pension, annuity, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, or Social Security (for all household members).
Please DO NOT submit any Form 1099 for interest or dividends.