Papa Kojo Botsio '15

Hometown: Accra, Ghana
Major/Minor: Political Science major, Environmental Studies minor


Swarthmore Christian Fellowship (SCF), African Development on Organised Reading Education (ADOORE)


Community Service, Environmental justice, Learning about new cultures and new places 


Why Swat:

Swarthmore has the best sense of community out of all the colleges I have ever visited. Academics are very well balanced, with equal attention paid to the sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Also, there are limitless opportunities to engage in service projects and for work experience especially with Swarthmore Alums. 

Favorite Class:

Physics 002E: First Year Seminar on Energy

Remarks on Swatties:

Swatties are very relaxed and friendly, but highly ambitious. 

Favorite place on campus:

Secret study room in the Willets dorm basement & Science Center Commons

Post-Swat plans: 

Graduate School