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Financial Aid

Swarthmore College's financial aid program is strong. It has been our longstanding commitment to provide our scholarship support to all students whose families' capacities to pay for college fall short of our charges. Why? To ensure access to Swarthmore for all admitted students.

Although we read each financial aid application very carefully so that we can be sensitive and responsive to families' complex financial situations, we offer this calculator to help some prospective students with an early estimate of the aid each might receive and the net price to be paid by the family.

Swarthmore's average aid award to our students this year is $43,250, which includes scholarship and a campus work expectation, but no single family is average. Your family certainly isn't average! This calculator will collect your family's financial information and then will apply some of Swarthmore's financial aid policies to provide you an estimate of what you might expect to pay for your first year at Swarthmore.

Please note: This calculator is best for students whose parents are salaried and do not have any involvement in business partnerships, corporations, sole proprietorships, farms, or rental properties. Further, the calculator is not intended for students whose parents live outside the US, are not together, are ill, have lost jobs, face eldercare expenses or high medical expenses, have capital gains or losses, have taken early withdrawals from retirement funds, or whose family home values have greatly appreciated since purchase.

Note also that our need-based Swarthmore Scholarship decisions are based only on your family's financial situation. All that is wonderful about you is considered instead in Swarthmore's admission decision.

This calculator can only provide estimates of your possible aid eligibility. Swarthmore will make an actual decision about your aid eligibility after we carefully review your completed financial aid application. Our aid decision will be enclosed with your admission decision, provided that all application materials were submitted on time. Thus you'll know what Swarthmore will cost your family for your first academic year before you must make your enrollment choice.


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