Lily Austin '15

Lily Austin '15
Hometown: Springfield, PA
Major/Minor: Neuroscience


Working as a writing associate (WA) on campus, volunteering, doing some research, spending time with my little sister


Running, kickboxing, exploring my Christian faith, City Year (organization I worked with last year during my gap year).


Why Swat:

When I visited I discovered that the vibe of this small community feels great! I realized I would flourish here and cultivate relationships with amazing people. I only applied to one I may be atypical but the feeling I got when I came to campus really sold me.

Favorite Class:

Culture, Health, and Illness (SOAN)

Remarks on Swatties:

Individuality is a premium here and there are lots of genuinely nice people who love to share their passions with you.

Dramatic Discoveries:

How cool the brain is and what people are discovering about it! That a cat lives on campus and is very selective in who he makes friends with, that my Professors here are really nice and caring, that there are TONS of resources for academic support, and that collaboration really is a part of the student culture! So different from my high school.

Favorite place on campus:

The Rose Garden. It's just awesome to sit in halfway during your day and relax. And the courtyard by the Intercultural Center next to Tarble. It's so pretty to sit in!

Something you feel really passionate about:

Not putting limits on yourself and your progress. Being a good older sister.

Post Swat Plans:

I'm going to work for a couple of years and then apply to go to medical school. I'd like to explore a career in helping people recover from injury/disease as best as they can.