Kimaya Diggs '15

Kimaya Profile


Belchertown, MA




Theater (Drama Board), Mixed Company, classical and jazz voice, Chester Children's Chorus. 


Why Swat:

I had a pretty nontraditional high school experience, so I was looking for a college that would allow me to pursue the unusual things I really love both within and outside of the curriculum. Swat offers me so much flexibility, which means that my time here can be tailored to my true interests. 

Favorite Class:

American Literature 1900-1950

Remarks on Swatties:

Swatties make things happen! Everyone has something they care about or love to explore, and if you're willing to put the time and effort in, you can build a Swat experience that's exactly what you're looking for--and your peers will support you. 

Favorite place on campus:

Lang Music Building/LPAC/Ampitheater (in order)

Post-Swat plans: 

Ideally, I'd sing jazz, classical, and world music, but it's more likely that I'll end up teaching high school English!